Vālenz CaptiV: Reduce Risk, Gain More Control of Your Health Plan Spend

As health care costs rise exponentially, self-insured employers are facing greater risks of high-dollar claims. Recognizing the significant risk-reduction advantages and cost-effectiveness of combining employer plans in a medical stop loss (MSL) group captive program, Vālenz® has launched CaptiV to solve the challenges market volatility can pose for small to medium-sized employers.

Valenz CaptiV goes beyond risk sharing to provide a fully integrated, data-driven model for cost and risk reduction. By bringing together employers that are committed to managing their medical costs while improving health outcomes – and equipping them to engage early and often via its end-to-end analytics platform – Valenz CaptiV represents the next generation of MSL group captives.

“We operate at the center of the MSL group captive, actively engaging the group of employers and their employees in our proprietary ecosystem of data and service solutions,” said Rob Gelb, Chief Executive Officer of Valenz. “Our analytic and predictive capabilities uncover new strategies to drive a 20-40 percent improvement in savings by targeting the high-dollar claims that drive the majority of health plan spending. We continually integrate those learnings among Valenz CaptiV members to reduce the potential for catastrophic claims and create value for everyone.”

For self-insured employers with fewer than 1,000 employees, Valenz CaptiV leverages a larger and more diverse population to reduce plan level and catastrophic risk, while delivering exceptional cost-reduction strategies, increased underwriting credibility, and long-term rate stability.

“For captive members, our ecosystem offers unparalleled data-driven collaboration. from pre-claim loss to post-claim resolution,” said Gelb, explaining, “Valenz solutions build on one another, providing actionable information at each step in the life cycle of a claim.”

To accelerate its captive offerings, Valenz partnered with MSL Captive Solutions, the industry’s only platform dedicated to the development and delivery of comprehensive services exclusively for MSL captives. MSL Captive Solutions works with top insurance carriers and claims administrators to deliver market-leading results for Valenz CaptiV members.

“Properly structured group captives have proved to reduce costs and increase plan stability by effectively managing, diversifying and broadly diffusing risk,” said Phil Giles, Managing Director of MSL Captive Solutions. “By taking a discerning approach to membership and enabling more active, data-driven risk management, Valenz CaptiV promises superior performance.”

Together, the firms offer more strategic, proactive risk control and cost-reduction decision-making. And, as costs are contained, Valenz CaptiV members share in the profitability of the program.

For more information on Valenz CaptiV, call (866) 762-4455.


About Valenz

Through a complete health administrative ecosystem, Valenz connects cost and quality data on a single-source, end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, better, faster healthcare. Valenz solutions integrate data from comprehensive care management services (Valenz Care), high-value provider networks (Valenz Access), claim flow management (Valenz Claim) and solutions for payment integrity, revenue cycle management and eligibility compliance (Valenz Assurance) into the ecosystem. More information is available at valenzhealth.com. Valenz is backed by Great Point Partners.


About Great Point Partners

Great Point Partners (“GPP”), founded in 2003 and based in Greenwich, CT, is a leading healthcare investment firm, currently with approximately $1.8 billion of equity capital under management and 28 professionals, investing in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Learn more at www.gppfunds.com.


About MSL Captive Solutions, Inc.

MSL Captive Solutions is the industry’s only platform devoted exclusively to the development of comprehensive (re)insurance solutions for group and single-parent medical stop loss captives.

MSL Captive Solutions provides consultative underwriting support to some of the industry’s leading stop loss carriers and operates independently to work with all qualified brokers, consultants, and captive managers. For more information visit www.mslcaptives.com.