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Your path to smarter, better, faster healthcare.

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    Your path to smarter, better, faster healthcare.

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Valenz by the Numbers


Savings Improvement

8:1 ROI

Care Navigation & Management


Utilization Rates


Transparency into Ecosystem Data

Engaging Early & Often Across the Member Journey

Valenz integrates member-centric services with data-driven insights, connecting the dots with personalized service and guidance for high-quality care and improved outcomes. We engage early and often with results-driven education, support and services to avoid more serious and costly health events.


Member enrolls in the health plan.
Access Solution Suite delivers quality-first provider networks and reimbursement strategies with cost-saving, risk-reducing services to replace your high-cost contracted network plan – and you choose which network model will best serve your business and member needs.


Member seeks care services.
NaVcare provides concierge-level member guidance, directing care to in-network providers for better savings, outcomes and experiences. Also includes telehealth integration and referrals to care management.


Member is diagnosed and needs treatment.
RN-led, triple URAC-accredited care management targets the right care before services are rendered. Improve quality of care and maximize savings with personalized Case Management, Utilization Management and Disease Management.


Member is prescribed Rx therapy and needs close monitoring.
Wraparound care management services optimize care with specialty pharmacy benefit solutions, remote monitoring for chronic conditions, specialized care management for oncology, cardiology, diabetes, maternity and more.


Member’s claims are submitted for payment.
Protect payment integrity for your business and out-of-pocket costs for your members with our complete set of tools and services for systematic claim review, expert bill review with provider sign-off, claim and network repricing, stop loss group captives, and balance billing support.


Member and health plan need costs to stop rising every year.
Through the power of the ecosystem, which includes unparalleled data transparency and analytics across the life cycle of every claim, Valenz continuously uncovers opportunities for improved quality and utilization to lower costs. Reduce health spending year over year compared to ever-rising BUCAH plan costs.

Make Your Business Strong, Vigorous and Healthy

With Valenz, you can have a healthier member population while also achieving plan and member cost savings… year after year. For the tools and transparency you need to make cost-effective, quality-first decisions, let’s find your path to smarter, better, faster healthcare today.

Case Studies

Vālenz ProteKHt™ provides customized solutions for the challenges of paying medical claims accurately. Line-by-line bill reviews, performed by registered nurses, certified coders and practicing specialists, uncover inappropriate billing and care provided.

See how we found opportunities for one client to achieve 13.86% in additional savings above BUCAH PPO discounts, securing provider signoff to deliver $129,648 in net savings for a single oncology patient.

Vālenz Care proactively identifies members who will benefit from care management, engaging early and often to enable better health decisions while controlling costs and reducing the risk of more serious and high-dollar events.

See how we helped one member avert end-stage renal disease, dialysis and even a transplant, saving her and her employer hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatment and liabilities.

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