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Looking for a better understanding of how Vālenz® Health solutions will support your business by engaging early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare? These resources are designed to help! View our case studies, white papers and webinars below – and contact us today for more information.

Significant Cost Savings Validated in Healthcare Ecosystem Optimization Platform Case Study

Our methodology to analyze and report cost savings after implementing the Healthcare Ecosystem Optimization Platform as a new, full-replacement health plan solution has achieved Program Validation for Savings from the Validation Institute. See how we partnered with a collaborative of three schools representing 600+ members in deploying a health plan replacement to change the rising cost trajectory and improve quality of care.

Case Studies

Healthcare Ecosystem Optimization Platform Drives Significant Savings as a Full-Replacement Health Plan

See how we partnered with a collaborative of three schools representing 600+ members in deploying a health plan replacement to change the rising cost trajectory and improve quality of care.

Disease Case Manager Provides Resources and Education

Learn how our nurse case manager helped an asthma patent improve quality of life, reduce medical expenses by $4,800 per year and avoid $14,400 in costs.

Providing Tools and Support for Effective Self-Management

See how our Disease Management services helped a 53-year-old diabetes patent improve A1C levels, decrease emergency room visits, and save on insulin pumps and supplies.

Preventing Additional NICU Costs

Learn how we helped a premature infant avoid a prolonged stay in the NICU by providing intensive home health services and parental education, saving an estimated $54,200.

Improved Infant Outcomes, Lower Costs

See how we intervened in a high-risk pregnancy and helped avoid serious complications, saving an estimated $43,900 while also resolving the member’s medication issues.

Addressing Gaps in Care

See how we helped one member avert end-stage renal disease, dialysis and even a transplant, saving her and her employer hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatment and liabilities.

Children’s Hospital with BUCAH

See how we found opportunities for 13.86% in additional savings above BUCAH PPO discounts, and secured provider signoff to deliver our client $129,648 in net savings.

High-Dollar Claims

Learn how our detailed line-by-line bill review delivered $93,798 in net savings, secured provider signoff and ensured no balance billing to the patient.

Medical Records Review

See how our credentialed reviewers utilized our fact-based model and strong working relationship with providers to secure signoff on savings 23.8% above the PPO discount in less than two hours.

White Papers

Transparency and Fiduciary Responsibility

A Closer Look at TiC and NSA

For self-insured health plans, transparency and fiduciary responsibility go hand in hand. Data and insights into the costs of medical services are critical for a plan to evaluate all claims received, as well as proactively guide its members to affordable care and improved health outcomes.

See how transparency is essential to everything a health plan does, from expanding networks and selecting high-quality and low-cost providers to navigating members across the healthcare journey.

The Future of Medical Stop Loss Underwriting

A Roundtable Discussion

The Valenz V-Rated Solution identifies the risks affecting the plan and aligns them with the summary plan description and cost containment solutions. Ultimately, V-Rated leverages alignment, balance and transparency to bring back fiduciary responsibility while allowing an appropriate stop loss rating.

See the results of a roundtable conversation among executive team members at Valenz Health and Certus Management Group regarding stop loss as the foundation of building a self-funded plan.

Five Steps to a Successful Compliance
Monitoring Program

Mitigating Risk and Liability with Assured Compliance

From healthcare providers to educators, vendors and contractors, verifying and reimbursing a sanctioned or unlicensed individual for services can have dire consequences.

Here are five critical success factors for ensuring your compliance program is searching all necessary sources to minimize risks associated with exclusions, lapsed licenses and other disciplinary measures.

The Complexity of Compliance Monitoring

Covering All Your Databases

Even in cases of relatively limited exposure, the implications of non-compliance can be devastating. Managing millions of records across many disparate sources every month is a very time-consuming and detail-critical task.

Whether you need a partner to manage exclusion, license and disciplinary monitoring for you or you just need to make sure your team covers all the right bases, use the following information as a guide to comprehensive eligibility screening and compliance monitoring.


Next Generation RBP Roundtable

Evolving Collaborative Approaches for a Balanced Reimbursement Strategy

This roundtable discussion focuses on how the next generation of reference-based pricing programs drive active collaboration between all parties to improve health outcomes while ensuring transparency.

Watch as Valenz CEO Rob Gelb and Adam V. Russo, Esq., Co-Founder and CEO of The Phia Group, discuss how innovative reimbursement strategies can bring balance to the quality-utilization-cost equation.