Vālenz ProteKHt™ Case Submission

Case Submission

Please upload files below and include any additional comments as needed. Please contact service@valenzprotekht.com with any questions.

Multiple Cases?

To submit multiple cases please contact service@valenzprotekht.com.

We can provide you with login credentials to our portal which is ideal for the upload of multiple files. You may also securely submit cases using the Submit Case button which does not require login credentials and is ideal for single case submission.

Submission Issues?

If you have any issues submitting a case we suggest the below steps to resolve:

  • Please clear your browser cache, this resolves most issues.
  • If clearing your browser cache does not work please try a different browser if possible.
  • Last, your submission may be failing due to a firewall issue, your organization would need to whitelist the appropriate IPs. Please contact service@valenzprotekht.com for assistance.