V-Rated Solution

Change the trajectory of health plan costs with early stop loss underwriting and data-driven risk analysis.

Employing a continuous loop of information for all parties, the Vālenz® Health V-Rated Solution leverages the cost reduction value of the complete platform to capture optimal stop loss ratings. By utilizing enhanced analytics to assess financial risk and engaging proactively with stop loss underwriting to account for the positive effects of our solutions at the start of the sales process, plan sponsors can be assured their premiums are fully representative of the value of cost containment.

Engage early for optimal stop loss coverage supported by our fully integrated platform.

See how Valenz V-Rated mitigates fiduciary risk by aligning stop loss underwriting with the summary plan description so employers can realize meaningful savings and position themselves to predict costs year after year:

Up to 23% Premium Increases

In 2023, many small employers are bracing for a high likelihood of unsustainable increases.

9.8% Higher Deductibles

High-cost claims are driving up stop loss deductibles at an unprecedented rate.


One-time charge for certain therapies can exceed $2M, spotlighting clear need for stop loss insurance.


Just 5-15% of claims represent up to 70% of an employer’s health spend due to catastrophic costs.

White Paper

The Future of Medical Stop Loss Underwriting

A Roundtable Discussion

The Valenz V-Rated Solution identifies the risks affecting the plan and aligns them with the summary plan description and cost containment solutions. Ultimately, V-Rated leverages alignment, balance and transparency to bring back fiduciary responsibility while allowing an appropriate stop loss rating.

See the results of a roundtable conversation among executive team members at Valenz and Certus Management Group regarding stop loss as the foundation of building a self-funded plan.

What makes the Valenz V-Rated Solution a game changer? In an industry that’s hungry for innovation and transformative change, we’re driving a fundamental shift in the way self-insured employers look at stop loss insurance. No one else offers a fully integrated and optimized platform of cost-containment strategies that, when combined with early stop loss underwriting, provide a complete, member-centric solution that positions self-funded plans for success over the long term.

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