Data Engagement & Decision Enablement, powered by v-Lens

What does transparency in healthcare mean to you?

At Vālenz®, we know transparency goes much deeper than what you can find in a hospital’s charge master, provider ratings or hospital comparison tools. Where others provide visibility into disparate data points, only Valenz delivers the clarity you need to see a better way forward — to see your path to lower costs, better health outcomes and enhanced member lives.

As the industry’s first fully transparent ecosystem, Valenz continuously gathers and analyzes claim-level data across the entire life cycle of every claim — everything from high-performance network design to care delivery, expert bill reviews and beyond. We enrich your data with our own expertly curated and constantly expanding data lakes, and we pull back all the curtains so you can see and drill down into every opportunity that suits your business needs.

That’s what transparency in healthcare means to us, and it’s the inspiration behind everything we do. Through robust data engagement and decision enablement powered by v-Lens and the entire Valenz ecosystem, we find and deliver smarter, better, faster healthcare that supports strong, vigorous and healthy lives – and companies.


Illuminating the pathways to your health plan goals

For comprehensive financial analytics that enable outcomes-focused decision making, today’s self-insured employers and health administrators are turning to v-Lens.

Through advanced analytics and predictive modeling, v-Lens uncovers new opportunities to disrupt the cost curve without compromising healthcare quality. By leveraging big data from our integrated service solutions — as well as top industry sources and evidence-based guidelines — v-Lens provides the insight you need for smarter, better, faster healthcare.

Panoramic Insights

With robust drill down capabilities and customizable reporting features, v-Lens provides data keys to unlock the potential of improved claim costs:

Claims Review

Identify areas of greatest impact with all medical, prescription, dental and vision claims data in one reporting engine.

Trend Analysis

Predict and contain future costs by revealing and evaluating categorical trends over designated time periods.

Risk Analysis

Securely share health data with excess risk insurers and managing general underwriters for stop-loss underwriting.

Month End Reports

Identify liabilities in real time by charting utilization, unpaid and adverse claims, top claimant activity, and more.

Plan Modeler

Evaluate overall impact and financial outcomes for employers and members with various plan modifications.


Focus on quality management by measuring and comparing claim/payment activities for top requested procedures.

Cost Driver Comparisons

Compare behavior and utilization across employer groups to illuminate cause-effect correlations among cost drivers.

Capture the Power of v-Lens

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Supported by a steadfast commitment to data transparency and decision enablement, our enterprise-level solution suite for self-insured employer groups aligns the member, provider and payer.

In service to employer groups with self-funded health plan benefits, we proudly partner with and fully support third party health plan administrators, brokers and benefit consultants, healthcare delivery organizations, medical stop-loss (MSL) group captives, and more.

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Experience the Synergy

When we say the Valenz ecosystem is comprehensive, we mean it. With a complete selection of fully integrated wraparound solutions to complement the core solutions featured below, we deliver benefits far greater than the sum of all these parts individually.

Vālenz Access

Combine a quality-first provider network or open solution with a range of customized, data-driven services from the Access Solutions Suite.

Vālenz Care

Guide members to better care and outcomes at lower costs, for you and for them, with RN-led, triple URAC-accredited care management.

Vālenz Claim

Reduce costs and ensure accurate payments with comprehensive bill reviews and repricing methodologies, integrated analytics, and more.

Vālenz Assurance

Improve coding, reimbursement assurance, auditing, claim accuracy and compliance monitoring, all while saving time and costs.


Use advanced, drill-down analytics and predictive modeling to continuously disrupt the cost curve without compromising quality.

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