About Vālenz

Vālenz® means strong, vigorous and healthy – the traits that define our purpose and underscore our industry-leading abilities to change the trajectory of health plan costs. By bridging the divide between robust analytics, care management, high-value provider networks, payment integrity and claim management, we engage early and often to lower the Claim Cost Arc℠.

Founded as United Claim Solutions in 2004, we had a future-focused vision to expand and integrate a comprehensive range of solutions for the self-insured industry – a journey we began by developing highly sophisticated analytics to significantly impact the medical spend of our clients.

In 2015, fueled by a desire to create a relationship of trust and alignment between the payer, patient, employer, medical professional and health system, we launched a new division solely dedicated to filling the void in access to high-quality, high-value provider networks. Two years later, with the acquisition and integration of INETICO, we added a suite of care management offerings, all recognized as market-leading through their URAC accreditations.

In 2018, our firm acquired and integrated Zebu Compliance Solutions, a software-enabled business that assures high-quality, compliant medical treatments are always available at appropriate levels of cost for payers, patients, employers, medical professionals and health systems.

Together, these four core services combine into one innovative company – Valenz – and form the foundation of the Valenz promise to engage early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare.

In 2020, we ranked among the top 42% on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. private companies. We are well-poised for future growth because our success is a function of everything we do to control costs, deliver quality, and create new paths of opportunity. Improving plan design, improving plan spend, and ultimately, improving member lives – that’s the power of the Valenz ecosystem.

How the Ecosystem Works

As data and information flow through the Valenz ecosystem from our products, clients, patients, platform partners and industry sources, the system continuously creates value for everyone. Through our ever-expanding analytic and predictive capabilities, we uncover new strategies to target the 5-15% of claims that drive up to 70% of health plan spending. That level of data-driven decision support, coupled with excellence in service delivery, controls costs while improving health outcomes.

Vālenz Care

Empowering members to move from reactive care to proactive population health management.

Vālenz Access

Driving high-quality care, satisfaction and cost savings with high-value, client-centric provider networks.

Vālenz Claim

Weaving analytics into claim workflow for actionable information that lowers total health plan spend.

Vālenz Assurance

Delivering smarter, better, faster solutions for payment integrity and assured compliance.

Our Promise

Through our highly innovative and data-driven health administrative ecosystem, we are using data science to deliver on our core promise: engaging early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare. We reflect this commitment in everything we do to improve our clients’ costs while enhancing member lives.

Our Leadership

Valenz is governed by a Board of Directors comprising a range of business, finance and health industry experts.

Meet the leadership team behind Valenz and its complete health administrative ecosystem.