Social Media Policy

We encourage community engagement on our social media pages. We do not pre-moderate comments and welcome all kinds of questions and opinions.

We reserve the right to delete or censor comments that meet the following criteria:

  • Is abusive, violent or patently offensive
  • Contains ad-hominem attacks
  • Promotes hate of any kind
  • Uses foul, profane or derogatory language
  • Contains solicitations for other websites or spam
  • Is reported as abuse
  • Is off topic
  • Is posted using an alias or pseudonym
  • Violates an individual’s medical privacy (either the commenter or someone else)

Please remember, comments published on social media are public. For your privacy and the privacy of your patients and clients, avoid posting personal health information about yourself or anyone else. The views and opinions expressed in user comments, reviews, recommendations, shares and/or visitor posts on social media are strictly those of the author(s) and in no way represent those of Vālenz® Health. We assume no liability for the information therein and extend no implied or expressed warranty or guarantee of accuracy.

We thank you for your interest in Valenz and look forward to an ongoing discussion about what is important to you and us – the benefits of a complete health administrative ecosystem.