Digital Solutions

Supporting early engagement between plan members and providers

We meet members where they are to diagnose, treat and manage health conditions more effectively. Our digital tools, combined with an empathetic, human touch, support members across the healthcare journey with a suite of fully integrated solutions. Through concierge-level navigation, a digital front door to care, and the ease of telehealth options, we engage early and often to position members to take charge of their health and ensure continuity of care.

Increasing accessibility, maximizing convenience

The benefits of Vālenz® Health include seamlessly integrated virtual care services for plan members, with 24/7 access to:

  • A U.S. board-certified doctor, available wherever the member is through the convenience of phone, video or mobile app visits
  • Prompt treatment (talk to a doctor in minutes)
  • A network of doctors that can treat every member of the family
  • Prescriptions sent to the member’s pharmacy of choice if medically necessary
  • Digital tools and devices that support remote patient monitoring for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, COPD, sleep apnea, and many other conditions

Virtual visits create a more affordable option than expensive emergency room visits or urgent care for high-quality medical care. In addition, remote providers can securely share information on the patient visit with the member’s primary care team (with member consent) and our navigators and case managers, helping to ensure a complete patient record for routine and follow-up care.

Member experience soars with digital front door

Valenz delivers market-leading member experience with our digital front door offering, providing members access to digital versions of Valenz solutions in the palm of their hand. The zConnect app has seen 35 new referrals within the first 30 days of launching, and the first campaign saw 9% new member engagement.

  • 24-7 access to omnichannel options
  • 1:1 live chat with NaVcare and nurse case managers
  • Benefit Hub includes medical, pharmacy, 401(k), telehealth, dental, vision and more
  • Pocket tools such as ID card, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Transparency in Coverage Compliant Search, and Digital Wallet

Transparency for better care choices, true consumerism

Our digital front door to care is powered by the data members need to choose the right provider at the right cost and take control of their health journeys. It also offers access to the Valenz platform of integrated solutions for health plans, empowering healthcare consumerism to take hold. Driven by data transparency, our omnichannel approach provides different access points for members to make informed choices about their own healthcare spend.

Convenient access to quality care

The Provider Locator allows members to search for a provider based on various pieces of information, including provider name, specialty, or location. If you have any issues locating a provider in your area, please call the Member Services telephone number on the back of your member identification card.

Rewriting the Book:

Enabling a true health care plan in partnership with zakipoint Health

At a time when member satisfaction with commercial insurance plans is declining and premiums increasing, employers need a fully integrated digital front door for their health plan solutions. With 24-7 access, AI capabilities and live chat with nurse navigators, actionable insights with real time data, and improved member experience and outcomes, the zConnect app engages members and enhances access to key healthcare data — including cost and quality ratings, plan benefit details, comprehensive lists of in-network procedures and providers, and more.

The complete book will be unveiled in Fall 2023.

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