Disease Management

Comprehensive care for chronic, long-term conditions

Without expert guidance and high-quality care, chronic illnesses can significantly impact long-term health, resulting in more doctor visits for patients and higher medical expenditures for self-insured employers. Our Vālenz® Health Disease Management services provide tools for effective self-management to improve clinical outcomes and reduce spending on the most expensive and prevalent chronic health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and coronary artery disease.

Our Disease Management program matches each qualified member with a dedicated Disease Case Manager – a highly experienced registered nurse who provides care coordination, patient education, navigation support and careful monitoring to achieve and maintain better health. Because lifestyle choices are key to effective disease management and lower treatment costs, the Disease Case Manager also offers member support for maintaining activities that lead to improved health and wellness.

Benefits of Disease Management

Combating effects of chronic illness

Our Disease Case Managers monitor patients for complications and provide real-time intervention to delay disease progression and improve outcomes.

Self-management of care plan

We engage and empower patients to take primary responsibility for decisions related to diet, activities and exercise, medication, and wellness.

Keeping medical expenses low

By helping patients avoid emergency room visits and hospital readmissions, we reduce high-dollar claim events and minimize costs to employers and members.

Patient-focused support and guidance

Disease Management ensures comprehensive care with one central point of contact for expert care coordination and navigation.

Partnering with Patients for Better Health

Many chronic conditions improve significantly when properly managed. Our Disease Case Managers partner with each member to determine and facilitate healthy pathways through:

  • Educational discussions
  • Community-based resources
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Patient and provider reminders
  • Coordination of support services with local, regional and national organizations

When combined with patient self-management, our URAC-accredited Disease Management program can reduce the costs of long-term treatment for chronic conditions. Learn more about our Case Management and Utilization Management solutions, two additional solutions from Valenz that help lower medical expenses and improve care quality.

URAC Accreditation

With our URAC-accredited Disease Management solution, you have a smarter way to manage health administrative costs while improving quality of care.

Disease Management
Health Utilization Management
Case Management

The Smart Way to Invest in Member Health

Valenz Care Management solutions – Disease Management, Case Management and Utilization Management – yield an average ROI of 8:1.