Vālenz® Health Pharmacy Solutions

Reduce overall plan and member costs while limiting member medication nonadherence with high-cost, specialty medication benefits

Vālenz® Health Pharmacy Solutions help control prescription drug costs with reduced pricing on high-cost, specialty medications for self-funded employers and their members. Specialty drug costs place a growing financial risk for self-funded employer groups at up to 40% of a plan’s total drug costs, driven by a small percentage of members. Valenz Pharmacy Solutions offers an effective way to control these costs while removing the financial barrier members face in taking the medications they need.

Significant cost savings with limited requirements from plan and members

With 25% savings on the most popular specialty medications, Valenz Pharmacy Solutions integrates seamlessly into the prescription fulfillment process. Here are some real-life examples of significant cost savings for an employer and their members:


Suffering from migraines that can be debilitating, Diane needs an expensive, brand-name specialty medication. Diane and her employer save $517 every month with Valenz Pharmacy Solutions for her 30-day supply.


Jake has severe rheumatoid arthritis. After trying other medications, only a particular medication has proven to help. Jake can now afford his medication; he and his employer save over $9,000 a month.


Emily needs a brand-name, specialty medication to manage her Crohn’s Disease. With the Valenz Pharmacy Solutions program, Emily and her employer save over $4,500 on her medication each month.

Discover the advantages of Valenz Pharmacy Solutions

25% average

Covers the high-cost
medications members need

Don’t have to wait for
next plan year to save

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