Medical coding and claim scrubbing software for clean claims and simplified claim management

Whatever space your team occupies in the life cycle of a medical claim, you have good reasons to seek solutions that ensure accuracy in medical necessity as well as CPT and ICD-10 coding and coverage. Whether you are a healthcare organization that needs to protect reimbursement revenue through smarter, better, faster claim denial management – or a payer looking to ensure payment integrity by avoiding overpayments – ClaimScrub™ enables verification of medical billing codes and coverage with precision.

Compatible with a wide range of health IT systems – including Epic, MediTech, Iatric and many others – and able to be custom integrated with a variety of claim adjudication platforms, ClaimScrub is the complete package in medical coding software. From best-of-breed data to integrated claim review/editing and insightful dashboard reporting, ClaimScrub delivers the clean claims every business needs for enhanced efficiency and revenue health.

Best-of-Breed Medical Coding & Coverage Data

With an average of 10,000 changes per week to medical coding and coverage rules for Medicare, Medicaid and private payers, getting everything right on every claim requires claim scrubber software with a strong foundation of reliable, up-to-date data. We curate and validate every change to prevent coding errors and ensure accuracy, eliminating time-consuming hassles for you and your team. Our nationally certified medical coders and content teams push daily updates via DataTank™, the industry’s most reliable curated data libraries.

Automated Review, Editing & Scrubbing of Medical Charges & Claims

As a fully integrated solution that scrubs all inpatient, outpatient and specialty claims with unparalleled accuracy, ClaimScrub is the industry’s most reliable and comprehensive rule engine. Our process provides full verification of correct CPT and ICD-10 coding and medical coverage. We work with you to establish custom edits or modified rules, configure specific modules, or integrate the processing power of ClaimScrub into other applications.

The custom edit engine allows your organization to meet its exact needs and extends ClaimScrub’s functionality to the last mile, with full documentation and transparency.

With ClaimScrub, your team gets the error alerts and green lights it needs for efficient, accurate claim handling in real time or in batch mode, across pre-service, post-service and audit implementations.

ClaimScrub at a Glance

Medical Necessity Rules

Utilize coverage requirements for Medicare, Medicaid and dozens of private payers.

Coding and Coverage Accuracy

Validate codes, modifiers, CCI, quantities, bundling and more.

Contextual Feedback

Know the problem and how to fix it, complete with a link to the source.


100% originally sourced data curated by our nationally certified content team.

Claim and revenue cycle management are mission critical.

When claims are done right the first time, your organization saves time, money, and resources that can be better allocated toward supporting patient/member care. Save staff time, reduce exposure and protect your bottom line with ClaimScrub.

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