Expertly curated data libraries for the industry’s most reliable medical coding and coverage data

From providers to payers to patients, clean claims are good for everyone. With DataTank™ from Vālenz® Health, you receive best-of-breed data sets, medical code libraries and medical data tables so your team can prevent claim coding errors and ensure accurate reimbursement. The result: improved claim handling and payment integrity for smarter, better, faster healthcare.

DataTank seamlessly integrates the industry’s most reliable medical claim coding data into your current systems. Available as a stand-alone service or as part of our complete ClaimScrub™ package, DataTank is compatible with a wide range of health IT systems – including Cerner, Epic, MediTech, Iatric and many others. It can also be integrated with a variety of claim adjudication platforms.

Continuously Updated ICD, ICP, CCI, CPT & Other Data Sets for Unparalleled Accuracy

With an average of 10,000 changes per week to coding and coverage rules for Medicare, Medicaid and private payers, your team needs access to the most comprehensive and continuously updated medical data and revenue code libraries available. Our nationally certified coders and content teams are experts at curating and validating every change, pushing daily updates to your team to ensure real-time accuracy. Our focus on quality control and medical data integrity provides the tools you need to prepare and/or process claims correctly the first time for better revenue health.

Comprehensive Data Libraries

DataTank delivers expertly curated data libraries for every need:

  • Medical necessity
  • Reimbursement and revenue codes
  • ICD-10, CPT and HCPC coding libraries and lookup tools (ICD-11)
  • Appropriate usage and code analysis
  • Procedure codes list and claim condition codes
  • Hierarchies and indices
  • Crosswalks
  • Claim handling
  • Fee schedules
  • Payment algorithms
  • Modifier linkages
  • Gender editing
  • Locale mapping
  • ZIP validation
  • Content solutions customized for your organization

DataTank at a Glance

  • Curated, primary sourced medical data sets supported by nationally certified coding and compliance experts

  • Most reliable data libraries and lookup tools in the industry, updated daily

  • Seamless integration into your existing systems and flexible data formats to meet individual EHR data consumption needs

  • Single source data solution – affordable and scalable

  • Best-of-breed data for real-time accuracy in medical coding, coverage and claim management

Using our automated and manual auditing systems, we continually monitor an extensive list of primary sources and work with the source organizations to verify and correct data inaccuracies and inconsistencies. For your organization, that means you have every up-to-date data set you need, all in one place – at your fingertips.

Support for Claim Processing Across the Care Continuum

With more than 20 years of experience in the claim processing industry, Valenz solutions like DataTank support accurate claim processing across the entire continuum of care. Ambulatory providers, hospitals, clearinghouses, EHR vendors, payers and TPAs rely on us to provide data and support to protect payment integrity, drive savings and improve outcomes.

When claims are done right the first time, your organization saves time, money and resources that can be better allocated toward supporting your members and caring for your patients. To get started, call us at (888) 395-9029  or complete the form below for us to get in touch with you.

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