Delivering results by driving members to high-quality, in-network care.

Where other companies limit services to network design or care management, we go infinitely further: We bring member-centric services and data-driven insights into the patient journey, connecting the dots at every step for lower-cost, higher-quality healthcare.

As the ideal complement to any network design – particularly the high-value networks of Vālenz Access – NaVcare makes quality the default choice. Our care navigators provide a single point of entry into the Vālenz® ecosystem, with high-touch member onboarding that immediately drives in-network engagement and elevates the member experience.

We also engage early and often through concierge-level navigation and the URAC triple-accredited services of Vālenz Care. As a result, we empower plan members to make better health decisions that control costs while improving outcomes.

Integrating Data and Service for Meaningful Results

Our care navigators are coverage and benefits experts with detailed knowledge of the health plan and network – and, like all Valenz services, NaVcare is fueled by data. Based on multi-source ecosystem intelligence, we tailor our NaVcare program for each employer and member, proactively identifying individuals who may need NaVcare assistance to prevent more serious, costly illnesses.

By gathering and analyzing data within the Valenz ecosystem – and optimizing data with v-Lens interactive dashboards and intuitive reports – we deliver real-time insights and data-driven services that pinpoint the 5-15% of claims driving up to 70% of the employer’s health spend.

Providing a Central Hub for Care Coordination

Through effective education, collaboration and communication, NaVcare combines with network and care management excellence to improve utilization, member satisfaction and health outcomes.

NaVcare concierge-level service:

  • Guide members to in-network facilities and providers
  • Introduce virtual care solutions when integrated
  • Facilitate appointments, including transportation as needed
  • Identify and coordinate cost-effective pharmacy  solutions
  • Answer questions about benefits, eligibility, out-of-pocket costs and provider billing
  • Serve as central point of contact for everyone across the care continuum, from members and families to administrators, benefit consultants, payers and care providers
  • Connect members to available cost containment solutions
  • Assist members with claim denials and appeals

By engaging early and often with expert member guidance, NaVcare helps chart the path to smarter, better, faster healthcare.

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Experience the Synergy

When we say the Valenz ecosystem is comprehensive, we mean it. With a complete selection of fully integrated wraparound solutions to complement the core solutions featured below, we deliver benefits far greater than the sum of all these parts individually.

Vālenz Access

Combine a quality-first provider network or open solution with a range of customized, data-driven services from the Access Solutions Suite.

Vālenz Care

Guide members to better care and outcomes at lower costs, for you and for them, with RN-led, triple URAC-accredited care management.

Vālenz Claim

Reduce costs and ensure accurate payments with comprehensive bill reviews and repricing methodologies, integrated analytics, and more.

Vālenz Assurance

Improve coding, reimbursement assurance, auditing, claim accuracy and compliance monitoring, all while saving time and costs.


Use advanced, drill-down analytics and predictive modeling to continuously disrupt the cost curve without compromising quality.

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