Why Vālenz®

Valenz means strong, vigorous and healthy – a name chosen to describe not only our company, but also what we can do for your business and health plan members. By providing full data transparency, robust analytics, and our unique integration of services across the care and claim continuum, we deliver on the Valenz promise: Engaging early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare.

The Power of the Valenz Ecosystem

While costs skyrocket each year in the fully insured/BUCAH market, many employers and others are saying there must be a better way – and with Valenz, there is. Through the power of the Valenz ecosystem, we engage data and enable better decision-making, starting long before care is provided and continuing long after a claim is paid. Our fully integrated and interactive ecosystem solutions build on one another, uncovering actionable information to lower costs and improve quality at each step in the life of every claim.

As data and information flow through the Valenz ecosystem from each of our services, clients, patients, platform partners and industry sources, the ecosystem continuously creates more value for everyone. Through our ever-expanding analytic and predictive capabilities, we uncover new strategies to target the claims that drive the majority of health plan spending. Data-driven decision enablement and integrated service delivery are the keys to better, more efficient and more cost-effective healthcare. That’s the power of the Valenz ecosystem.

Capture the Power of the Ecosystem

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Experience the Synergy

When we say the Valenz ecosystem is comprehensive, we mean it. With a complete selection of fully integrated wraparound solutions to complement the core solutions featured below, we deliver benefits far greater than the sum of all these parts individually.

Vālenz Access

Combine a quality-first provider network or open solution with a range of customized, data-driven services from the Access Solutions Suite.

Vālenz Care

Guide members to better care and outcomes at lower costs, for you and for them, with RN-led, triple URAC-accredited care management.

Vālenz Claim

Reduce costs and ensure accurate payments with comprehensive bill reviews and repricing methodologies, integrated analytics, and more.

Vālenz Assurance

Improve coding, reimbursement assurance, auditing, claim accuracy and compliance monitoring, all while saving time and costs.


Use advanced, drill-down analytics and predictive modeling to continuously disrupt the cost curve without compromising quality.

Integrated Solutions Under the Claim Cost ArcSM

With deep roots in clinical, member and provider advocacy alongside decades of expertise in claim reimbursement and payment validity, integrity and accuracy, the Valenz Healthcare Ecosystem Optimization Platform improves quality and outcomes while lowering the Claim Cost ArcSM for plans and members. This is a fully integrated solution that drives value and assures alignment of the member, payer and provider across all phases of the claim life continuum.


Before a claim even begins, Valenz identifies opportunities to improve network design, analyzes employee health risks and aligns solutions to drive down the cost of care while improving health outcomes.


As patient care begins, the ecosystem navigates member health to ensure the right care, setting and provider for improved outcomes at appropriate costs. By engaging employees early and often, and by weaving analytics into claim workflow for efficiency in cost and process, Valenz makes it possible to have a strong, vigorous and healthy workforce without high-rising costs.


Even after a claim is complete, we continue harnessing the power of real-time data and predictive modeling to protect the plan and manage potential risk. As a result, you have full transparency into every data point – and full access to every service – for better decisions that bring balance to the cost-quality equation.

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