Your Complete Health Administrative Platform

Connecting cost and quality data on a single-source, end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, better, faster healthcare.

The Path to Smarter, Better, Faster, Healthcare.

Within the Vālenz® platform, you’ll find something extraordinary: the ability to gain control of escalating costs by visualizing – and realizing – every opportunity under the Claim Cost ArcSM.

At Valenz, we want everyone engaged in our platform to be strong, vigorous and healthy. See how we make this possible by bridging the divide between robust analytics, care management, high-value provider networks, payment integrity and claim management.

“I own my own business, and I was extremely nervous about becoming self-insured – with the high cost of healthcare, you never know what you’re going to see. Valenz was recommended by a business partner, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

– Self-Insured Employer

Valenz Care Matrix

Vālenz Care

Connecting the clinical dots

Empowering members to move from reactive care to proactive population health management – a smarter way to manage cost and quality.

Vālenz Access

The right care at the right time

Driving high-quality care, satisfaction and cost savings with high-value, client-centric provider networks, custom built for you.

Valenz Access Lattice Graphic
Valenz Claim Lattice Graphic

Vālenz Claim

Enabling a clean claim workflow

Weaving analytics into claim workflow to reduce plan expenses, improve claim outcomes and enhance member experiences. 

Vālenz Assurance

Payment integrity and assured compliance

Delivering smart, actionable solutions that reduce exposure, improve claim accuracy and enhance coding efficiency. 

Valenz Assurance Lattice Graphic

“We are proud to partner with such an innovative company. They always take care of us and find the right solution. They understand the importance of technology and data while focusing on security.”

Who We Serve

Self-insured employers

Third-party claim administrators

Brokers and benefit consultants

Labor and trust organizations

Stop-loss carriers

Integrated healthcare delivery networks


Vālenz News

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