Electronic Claim Payments

Your complete solution for automated, on-time payment processes

The need to minimize costs, simplify operations and maintain healthy relationships with hospitals and providers has never been greater. Meet all three of those goals simultaneously with electronic payment solutions. Through the Valenz payment solution powered by VPay®, you can ensure provider payments arrive on time, every time – automatically.

Valenz’s electronic claims payment processes eliminate manual steps and automatically send payments according to your providers’ preferences, including virtual card payments. The HIPAA and NACHA compliant platform meets all federal and state requirements for electronic payments, so you can rest assured that security is paramount.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the need for printed checks and the associated mailing expenses.

Operational Efficiencies

Streamline your claims payment processing and tracking while minimizing operational costs.

Electronic Payment Processes

Automate payments to providers and for health, dental and workers’ compensation claims.

Fast Set-Up

Have seamless, fully automated electronic provider payments ready within 2-8 weeks.

Call Center Support

Outsource inbound provider calls to the VPay support center for expert resolution.

Simple Tracking Systems

Enjoy the ease of having all your payments processed on a single system of record.