Vālenz Introduces v-Lens, Industry’s Most Complete Reporting, Analytics Program

PHOENIX, Ariz. (March 24, 2020) – In the latest illustration of its company-wide commitment to innovation and collaboration, Vālenz™ has announced the launch of v-Lens, a complete reporting and analytics program for the self-insured employer and payer communities.

For self-insured employers, third party administrators and payers, insights from v-Lens enable greater, more data-driven collaboration with health plan partners – partners now equipped with the most comprehensive platform of actionable drill-down data available. The result is more strategic, proactive decision-making on behalf of employers, which means engaging early and often for smarter, better, faster healthcare.

“With healthcare costs continuing to rise every year, using data to more strategically manage claim administration has become paramount,” said Denny Johnson, Senior Sales Executive at Valenz. To make smarter decisions, employers and their health plan partners need to understand what drives the numbers behind their healthcare spending and how they can better manage those drivers to control the trends. “If an organization is managing healthcare costs using old assumptions, they are probably overlooking the very drivers that most expose them to significantly adverse outcomes,” Johnson added.

As a proprietary layer of the complete Vālenz ecosystem, v-Lens is fueled by integrated data from Valenz’s four core solutions: claim management, care management, high-value networks and payment integrity. It is also supported with top industry sources and evidence-based guidelines to ensure a holistic view of all factors related to cost, payment, utilization, quality and more.

“Looking at plan performance through v-Lens continuously uncovers new opportunities to improve costs without compromising quality,” said Valenz Chief Executive Officer Rob Gelb. “Through advanced analytics and predictive modeling, v-Lens enables more proactive decision making – and thanks to robust integration within the Valenz ecosystem, those decisions are immediately actionable and quickly beneficial.”

To learn more about v-Lens, visit valenzhealth.com/vlens.

About Valenz

Through a complete health administrative ecosystem, Valenz connects cost and quality data on a single-source, end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, better, faster healthcare. Valenz solutions integrate data from comprehensive care management services (Valenz Care), high-value provider networks (Valenz Access), claim flow management (Valenz Claim), and solutions for payment integrity, revenue cycle management and eligibility compliance (Valenz Assurance) into the ecosystem. More information is available online at valenzhealth.com. Valenz is backed by Great Point Partners.

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