V3 Repricing Engine: Fueled by Big Data to Ensure Fair, Market-Supported Reimbursements

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Sept. 14, 2020) – To accelerate fair and accurate claim repricing and ensure market-supported reimbursements, Vālenz™ has introduced the V3 Repricing Engine. Fueled by the volume, variety and velocity of data within the Valenz ecosystem, V3 supports strategic decision-making and creates value for the payer, the provider and the patient.

The V3 Repricing Engine can identify patterns and pinpoint high-performing providers with optimal cost structures, along with delivering greater efficiency and reduced turnaround times for processing and payments. Ultimately, it ensures savings on professional claims, which account for up to 85% of claim volume for self-funded insurers.

Aggregating years of robust claims data with industry-leading sources, the V3 Repricing Engine uses the proprietary, data-rich VMSSM Repricing Methodology to determine fair, defensible claim reimbursements. Its detailed analysis goes further to identify potential program pain points and opportunities for additional savings. For integrity and timeliness, VMSSM continuously scrubs and adjusts the data as needed to ensure a fair market price for all services rendered, while identifying potential fraud, waste and abuse.

“As we continue to identify solutions that control costs while serving the member and helping the employer, the V3 Repricing Engine is one more way we fulfill our promise of better, smarter, faster healthcare,” said Rob Gelb, Chief Executive Officer of Valenz. “The proprietary algorithms of our VMSSM Repricing Methodology provide actionable insights to support a consistent and substantiated reimbursement model, reducing friction among the payer, provider and patient.”

Curating from multiple data sets to offer up-to-date, regionally specific reimbursement recommendations, the V3 Repricing Engine is fueled by the three Vs of big data:

  • Volume: Years of historical paid claims data
  • Variety: Numerous geographical, medical and claim data elements
  • Velocity: Up-to-date information using real-time insight

“While the V3 Repricing Engine applies to all medical claims, it maximizes discounts for high-volume, low-dollar claims – an overlooked segment in the market to increase value for self-funded plans,” said Amy Gasbarro, Chief Operating Officer of Valenz. “This approach to repricing reduces the cost of healthcare for all parties involved.”

About Valenz

Through a complete health administrative ecosystem, Valenz connects cost and quality data on a single-source, end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, better, faster healthcare. Valenz solutions integrate data from comprehensive care management services (Valenz Care), high-value provider networks (Valenz Access), claim flow management (Valenz Claim) and solutions for payment integrity, revenue cycle management and eligibility compliance (Valenz Assurance) into the ecosystem. More information is available at valenzhealth.com. Valenz is backed by Great Point Partners.

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